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  Thought of showing some of the merchandise of Gomamon line that I have of course not all of them since I haven't taken much pictures yet.  


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Since right now I am at home on my computer, might as well show of some of new additions to my Digimon collection from couple months back.

Let's start with the custom plush...well I was about to do so but the customs are currently at my boyfriend place so it will be on the next post. So let's do the official products!

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Well a lot happened since my last post. So really quick update! Met my new boyfriend in october had a awesome weekend together. We both love comic books. We still are together and our relationship is really strong. In December I started to work at Gabriel Pizza calling center and not only that, but I can work on plushies there! I think it's about a month or 2 months? I move out of my parents place well my mom place since my parents are not together anymore. I live with a young family and I rent a little room. And now it has being 2 weeks that I have being working at my 2nd job that is cleaning to apparments buildings 8am to 3pm monday to friday and then Gabriel Pizza until like 10-11pm. But somehow I still manage to hang out with my friends and boyfriend, work on plushies, relaxing and etc.

Right now I am currently working as for cosplay on Stingmon. I keep on having bad dreams that I show up at Ottawa Comic Con and Anime North without being Stingmon because I didn't had time to finish it since I was working to much. Hopefully it won't happen :( I also just sent my form for the masquerade at Ottawa Comic Con.

Also on my last post, there was my Paildramon. Well since then I did a second version and now he is retired because he is falling apart and to much to fix. At least he did 4 conventions. Also won 2 awards: Best in Class – Presentation; Honourable Mention for Mascot Construction.

Here is a picture taken by Henrickson!

I really miss being Paildramon :'(

Well I guess that is everything for now in this post... Good night!

I only have one more refund to do and it will be done this weekend! It's for Derranged from deviantart well I think she has a livejournal account. Other then that, two packages to ship to do this weekend and finish up 5 more plushies and ship them out and I am all good!

I have being attending conventions lately like Otakuthon, Fan Expo and Comic Con. For Fan Expo and Comic Con, I was cosplaying as Paildramon that was made by myself and I will be reworking on him soon after the last commissions are done.

This picture was taken after my costume started to fall down and especially my wings since it was really tight there.  I didn't had the time to fix him up for the zentai suit and at the end of the night, the helmet broke but I was planning anyways to remake it.

Haven't really bought anything for a really long time other then some Digmon comic books and the last ExVeemon plush that I was missing. (bought online).

For some reason, I don't really feel like doing a full update so maybe later on tonight.
So after getting my big package from smj, the most I was waiting for was the Xros Wars digivolvers. Sadly I didn't get Mailbirdramon and I forgot to get him but next time, he will be in there. I really can't wait and hopefully they will release more of them!

I took time to do all the possible digivolves/combinations except for Blue Flare since I am missing Mailbirdramon :(

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I found my camera~! So pictures time but only of the wonderful MarineAngemon custom plush that  chaosoftwilight  did for me~

Went outside near the forest where the trees are blooming with really pretty flowers :3 I love it so much and now she is hanging out hanging on my desk :D Totally worth the wait~

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I pretty much finished moving and at the moment I can't find my camera ;_; I wish I had it so I can take pictures of the new stuff that I got lately like the package from chaosoftwilight  and from Celga! Well hopefully soon my package from smj will arrive soon.

Well here is a quick crappy pic that I took with my blackberry of what I got from Celga.
Well I got transferred closer to my place and now work overnights. Still working hard on plushies and fixing things. I am still in the process of unpacking.

I decided to make a pokemon week with plushies that I am planning to finish and I am trying to aim 5 of them.

Here is a new plush that I finished not long ago that was a art trade!

Gabumon digidoll!

Materials: I made the fur with minky and all the rest is fleece to tell the difference between the skin and the fur. It just happens that I had the minky which is not really often. The markings on the belly and the eyes are painted with fabric paint. The nose is plastic and the horn details was embroidered on my machine.

I always wanted to do also some digidolls and here is the first one!

He is about 5.5"inches tall and full of cuteness.


I have refunded : techno4tomcats , shaggy_griffonakapahua and ego_black

Also if there is anyone that I am missing, just let me know!

Feedback pages:
Last week, i got transfered to another store that is closer to my place including a raise and change of hours. So now I work overnights. This kinda screw up my post office runs but at least with an hour walk, I can go after work.

Also I am getting paid on friday. With the money I have to pay some bills and also refunding 2 people and also post office run. Might treat myself a bit with Pokemon merch. I love a lot Reshiram :3 Since last time was at the end of september when I lost my daughter.

Right now, I am working on plushies and also I started to set up my Pokemon and Digimon collection well for now it's Pokemon. Since it has being in boxes for a while.

Might do a collection update or some sort like that. Haven't done that for such a long time. I will post a wishlist on friday and tomorrow I shall have a new plush that I made lately.
Haven't done something like that for years.
I wrote this somewhat poetry about the life of my daughter who was born on September 27th and passed away the 29th 2010.

You will truly be miss my daughter. Love you lots :hug::heart:

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